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I'm John Little, I started in hospital radio back in 1975 (didn't we all!) After a good 10 years grounding, I was lucky enough to be able to work for 'The Beeb' for several years, then after that a good spell in Independent Local Radio. I moved to Spain 8 years ago, where I worked for a commercial station for a few years, then 5 years ago I set up my own online station, Posada FM, which has been a huge success. I use pre-recorded shows from several top presenters, and decided to give something back to the radio world as a thank you. I am now producing a 1-hour show called 'What's the date?'

Details and samples available below.


What's the date?

What's the date? is a one hour weekly radio show, unbranded and timeless, recorded in 2 x 30min sections to allow for you to put your own station promo in between the two halves. Also the last song in the show has plenty of 'overrun' (in case your hours are 58 mins. You know what I mean!) The show is recorded 'as live' instead of voice-tracked, which gives it a 'live' feel, better for your station!

Each edition of the show is based round a 'mystery date' and the idea is for the listener to try and guess the date in question, before the end of the show. I talk about events in music which happened on the particular date, and play songs to go with those events. As a consequence of this the music (usually about 12 - 14 songs per show) cover years from the 50's to the 00's.

Please have a listen to the samples below. If you would like to take the show for your station (free of charge) then please get in touch with me. I am more than willing to record a promo for the show for your station, just let me have the details and I will gladly record it for you, either dry, or bedded.

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